Can i get ban in Vega Conflict for using VCBot?

According to the TOS of Vega Conflict - yes. But we started to use our software in August 2015 and since then no one has been banned. Note: in august 2015 there was no "FIND" button in Vega Conflict (button is appeared in November 2015) and our bot is farming only near one selected processing complex. This version of bot we will release later if it would needed.

Take a look what is writes moderator on the official forum: https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/comment/5153834.

Here is screenshot from this page if moderators will erase this thread or post.

As you can see, KIXEYE doesn't ban anyone for using bots in Vega Conflict.

It could be that the bot will sell my ships or buildings, attack players, clicks a button in another application?

No, it's impossible because bot always checks where he will click mouse button or hit a keyboard button.

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